How “Not to Be a Boring Person” – 5 Tips

As society sink deeper and deeper down the technological rabbit hole, we unfortunately are replacing experiences in learning with technology time.

Learning and experiencing has been replaced with entertainment and it is basically killing our time.

Let’s talk about five things that we can do to be more interesting aka less boring.
1.     Acknowledge That Boring Is a State Of Mind:

People aren't boring we feel boring and so from this day forward right now, right here, we are stating that:
-We are awesome,
-We are amazing,
-We are also interesting.

2.     Be Well Rounded As An Individual:

Most of us are very proficient, we spend a lot of time and energy doing one or two specific things but the problem is that we focus on these one or two specific things,

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We don't seek out inspiration and education from other areas and facets of the world around us,

It’s cool that you have a hobby, it's cool you have a passion, it's cool you have a job but make sure that you're not isolating yourself and preventing yourself from learning about the world around us.

It’s always about learning, it's about continually educating yourself, seeking out knowledge as knowledge is the key to being less boring.
3.     Try Something New Every Single Day:
Routine is interesting, but when you do the same thing day in day out, week in week out, year in year out, you aren't very interesting anymore.

Try something new every single day:
-This may mean try a new food,
-This may mean take a different route to work,
-This may mean instead of watching to that crap talk shows in the morning, listen to an audio book or something that you're curious about, something that sounds interesting as it's an amazing way for you to break out of the rut and also at the same time enhance your world knowledge and your life experience resulting in you, having more things to talk about being more interesting and well-rounded like we talked about in number two.

4.     Seek Out And Engage:

Have somebody new in a conversation every day, a lot of times we get stuck in our own little social bubble, we talk to the same people, we go to lunch with the same people, and we interact with the same people every day.

Are you going to be more interesting sitting there, talking to the same people every single day, having same conversations! Of course NOT.

So seek out other people, there are so many amazing interesting people out there they have amazing stories to tell, learn from these people, it's also going to enhance your life experience and your interpersonal relationships.

5.     Constantly Seek Self-Improvement:

Life is about experience, life is about getting out there, it is not done in front of a computer or mobile, yes you can be entertained, you can waste your time but the real experience, the real relationships happens outside of mobile and computer.

When you stop learning,

When you stop experiencing,

You stop living.

Try new things and constantly seek self-improvement both in skills and experiences but also in knowledge.

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