How to Make Your Speech Powerful? - 4 Tips

There are four really powerful cornerstones foundations that we can stand on if we want our speech to be powerful and to make change in the world fortunately these things spell a word, the word is HAIL.

It has a great definition as “to greet or acclaim enthusiastically” which is I think how our words will be received if we stand on these four things.
H is for Honesty:
Of course being true in what you say, being straight and clear.

A is for Authenticity:
Just being yourself; a friend of mine described it as standing in your own truth which I think is a lovely way to put it.

I is for Integrity:
Actually doing what you say and being somebody people can trust.

L is for Love:
I don't mean romantic love but I do mean wishing people well for two reasons first of all I think absolute honesty may not be what we want

So HAIL also now that's what you say and it's like the old song it is what you say it's also the way that you say it you have an amazing toolbox this instrument is incredible and yet this is a toolbox that very few people have ever opened.
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