How to Handle Haters and Criticism - 10 Tips

How to Deal With Haters?

How to deal with trolls, with people that are going to attack you, try to bring you down to their level? 

Key Point Here:
Throughout life you're going to be attacked by people, who feel threatened,
You're going out there and you're trying to lead.
You're trying to raise others to your level etc.

There are many people, very comfortable where they are at, they don't like the idea that somebody out there is shaking things up, trying to make a difference in the world and for them it's very easy, it's almost like a defensive mechanism to go out there and to throw out unfair criticism to attack you,

You're going to See This Happen, When You are at Work,
You're going to See This Happen to You in Your Personal Life
Believe Me Sometimes It's Going To Be Very Painful.

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I also get attacked and I know what it's like and if you're going to get out there and speak in front of your class and talk in front of your group at work, 
You're going to Have People Talk behind Your Back,
You're going to Have People Tell You Very Tough Things Straight to Your Face.
Hopefully you can use these 10 tips to be able to make it through those times.
So Take these ten tips, use them effectively and go out there make a difference.

1.     Understand Your WHY:
If you understand your WHY, If you understand what you stand for, If you believe in yourself then it doesn't matter what the world throws at you, How windy it gets , you're going to be able to stand up and continue to move forward. 

Your Inner Critic Is Your Worst Critic:
Sometimes when you don't know exactly where you're going then your inner critic is your worst critic and if you can silence your inner critic you're going to be able to do amazing things with your life.

2.     Expect To Be Attacked, If You Are Going To Take A Stand:
Anyone that goes out there and tries to make a difference in this world is going to have somebody for some reason attack them.
Doesn't matter who you are, if you are out there trying to cure cancer you're going to have somebody attack you.
If you look back at all of the great figures throughout the human history they had people that were trying to bring them down.
So if you're being attacked it's probably because maybe you're onto something big and so continue to go especially if you know point one “Understand your why”.

3.     Look At It As A Rite Of Passage:
This has to do with a lot of your mental framework.
Think about a diamond a diamond, which is exposed to extreme heat and extreme pressure for thousands of years and you know its worth.
The point is that you're going through that transformation if you're looking to take a stand in the world so understand that it's a rite of passage.

4.     Are They Right? 
Is their criticism actually justified, you need to objectively look at yourself, I don't know, how often, maybe two months, three months, once a year, every couple of years but objectively look at yourself.
When you receive good constructive criticism, then ask yourself: 
Does This Person Have A Point?
You can verify and know, that this is what I stand for and they are wrong for criticizing me this way, then you can move forward but sometimes criticism is a great reason for us to stop and to relook at ourselves.

5.     Understand It Could Be Them Not You At All:
Talk about trolls and they've actually shown that a lot of these people actually have a mental disorder that they actually get off,
It feels really good for them to attack people, they feel it doesn't have any effect and that they can just do this, Thinking It's an entertainment.
But when you take a deep look you actually come to know that some of these people are mentally unstable for some reason, maybe something happened in their lives.
So You Must Understand That People Are Human Beings And Sometimes It Has Nothing To Do With You It Is Simply To Do “With Them”.

6.     Are They Qualified To Even Criticize?
For Example If Some PhDs criticize your website and go into all details about the way you are running things and how you should change this.
Tell them that's cool bro that you've got a PhD in economics or that you're a nuclear physicist but when it comes down to it, you are not necessarily qualified to tell me how to run a website.
Now if you think that he is a smart person and has got his strong opinions then you may consider them but many times these people they don't necessarily have all of the facts to actually make an informed decision.

7.     Understand Their Point Of View:
This is you actually taking a step back and putting yourself in their shoes and saying I am not going to agree here but I can understand where he's coming from.
So put yourself in their shoes and have a bit of empathy for their plight for what they are trying to get across.

8.     Respond On Your Terms:
If you have got something going on than you can often choose to sleep on it and say I'm not going to respond to him immediately.
Another point to think about when responding on your terms is:
WHY do you even want to respond at all?
You Can Choose Not To Even Respond.

9.     Insulate Yourself:
One of the easiest things that you can do, is actually filter out them.
So if somebody is using negative words, cuss words and some are trying to bring you down then you can choose to:
Not to Receive Anything from Them,
Blacklist Them,
 Block Them Out.

10.                        You Always Have The Freedom To Choose How You Are Going To React In A Situation:

There's a great book Of Viktor Frankl “Man's Search for Meaning”
Something to that effect or in any case he was in ostrich,
He was in basically a concentration camp, He talked about how even when they had taken away everything from him, and he still had the freedom to choose, how he reacted to the situation.
So Don't Let Criticism, Don't Let Haters, And Don’t Let Trolls, Ruin Your Day.

Make sure that when you approach this, you remove emotion and you say, you know what, if there's nothing constructive to take out of this, I'm just going to ignore it, I'm going to delete it and I'm going to enjoy my day, I'm not going to let these guys drag me down I'm not letting them win.

I Would Love To Hear From You On How You Deal With Criticism Especially If You Think Something Is Missing In This Article.

Thanks To real men real style for such a beautiful piece of content.
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