How to deal with Office Politics – 4 Tips

Are You Tired Of Office Politics?

There are difficult people at every workplace, they're annoying, they're mean, they try to grab boss’ positive attention, and they also try to grab your power, privilege and the spotlight.

So How Do You Deal With Such Difficult People?

Here are four productive ways to deal with these typical people at your workplace.
1.     Start Out By Examining Yourself:
You need to understand that whether there's this person who's being difficult with you or you are just reacting without anything in existence.

We are human beings and there are times when you think that:
-Someone is so annoying,
-He is being mean,
-He's been complaining about me,
-He's been criticizing me,
So you think that this person is being difficult but probably you are just getting annoyed for no reason and May be it’s you who just gets angry easily.
So as mentioned above the very first thing that you need to do is to ExamineYourself and understand whose problem it is.
Whether it's the person being difficult or it's just you or your behavior or your attitude that is just annoying you.
2.     Approach The Person That You Are Having Problems With:

It is important for you to have a private discussion with the person that you are having issues with, but remember it has to be a private discussion and not in public and also you cannot name or accuse or even attack that person.
You can't just say that:
-Hey it's because of you, 
-It's because of your action, 
-It's impacting my work, 
-I'm annoyed, 
-I'm really mad at you, 

NO you can't do that!
You need to be very subtle in your tone as you are working in a company so you can’t start attacking people even if that person is creating a lot of problem in your work, so make sure that:

-You be nice.
-You be subtle.
-and you need to put across your point that yes these are the things that you're doing and it is definitely affecting my work.

So go ahead and approach that person and talk with him, have a private discussion with him.

3.     Share Your Experience With Your Friends:
There are times when you realize that a person is being very difficult and you are unable to perform well so it causes a lot of humiliation, it causes a lot of stress so it's important for you to share it with a trusted colleague of yours BUT make sure you don't go ahead and tell everybody about that person who is troubling you or annoying you.
Just keep it to a trusted friend or a colleague and ask for a positive solution or a quick patch-up between you two people.

4.     Ignore Him At All:
Means that you need to start ignoring this person who's creating a lot of trouble and who is encouraging office politics, now it's the time to limit the access of this difficult person towards you because this is affecting your job it's affecting your work and your career so there's no point in fighting, there is no point in arguing and 
We are not kids we can't go to the boss and start complaining about these actions and Say papa he is doing this and that to me J :D (Some people are so kids minded just like this).
Avoid the projects that this person is also a part of it but also remember that this should not affect your work or this should not affect your career so ignore him in whatever ways it’s possible and that should really work for you.
If all of these tips fail then it's time to quit your job.
Well I'm just kidding, of course you're not supposed to quit your job because of this one person who is troubling you.
You have to deal with such people in the right way and in a positive way so do that don’t quit your job because there are variety of troublemaking people at every workplace so if you try to run away from such people here then there's no point because you will get interacted with someone else at next job.
So just ignore such people and get back on the track work hard and work for yourself and your job So Put Your Head Down and Start Working and rise above the hate.
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