1 Hour A Day Method To become a National Expert

Somewhere deep inside, you know what kind of person you are designed to be. So Ask yourself, how would the person I'd like to be do the things I am about to do.
I believe part of our responsibility in life is to find out who we are, to discover ourselves.
First off, we need to respect our nature. We need to realize we are part of a continuing chain that carries a legacy and a responsibility. And if that's the case, then we need to recognize that we were not biological coincidences.
I believe there is a God a Creator of everything, and I believe you were not created without purpose. There are many things we can do with our lives, and I think it's our job to find out what those things are and to do them.
1.     We need to respect our nature.
2.     We need to know our nature.
"Know thyself" by knowing things about yourself that most people don't discover. 

Take Aristotle's advice:
1. Know how you're smart? Not just how smart you are in comparison to others. But also in what ways are you smart?
2. Know what you care about: What are the values that motivate your choices?
3. Know what your personal velocity is: the intensity and drive with which you naturally operate.
4. Know the background imprint: positive, neutral or negative, that you carry with you and what effect it's had on you.
5. Know your behavioral style: how you come across to other people.
6. Know the patterns in your choices: so that you're continually learning more and more about what it's like to be you, so you can do an even better job of it.
Then we need to apply our nature, we need to nurture our nature by expressing ourselves in the world. 
I will share with you a life experience of Jim Cathcart, A Huge name in Human Development.
He shares in his TED talk:
One day on the radio, I heard a voice that changed everything.
Believe me before that I had never set a goal in my life;
I heard the voice of Earl Nightingale, known at the time as the dean of personal motivation. He was on 900 radio stations around the world, and what he said that day will forever resonate with me.
He Said:
"If You Will Spend One Extra Hour Each Day Studying Your Chosen Field, You'll be A National Expert in That Field in Five Years Or Less."
That hit me like a tornado; it rearranged everything in my life. I started doing the math:
-An hour extra a day,
-Five days a week,
-50 weeks a year,
-That's 1,250 hours over five years.
If I spend 1,250 hours studying one subject...
Wow! Yeah! I could actually be a national expert. 
So What I want to be an expert at?
I chose human development as field as I felt it right.
I took him seriously, an hour a day. I focused - I thought I was kind of behind the game, so I needed two hours, and three and four and five.
So I overcompensated, and I became fanatical about the field of human development. And in that five year period, I went from being a government clerk with very little aspiration to being a full-time speaker and trainer.
In two years, I started buying Earl Nightingale's training materials and selling them to businesses.
And after few years his company was selling my training materials worldwide. They sold 3.5 million dollars’ worth of one of my first audio albums in the first two years it was out. I was blown away.
He adds:
His formula works, and I've seen it work for hundreds and even thousands of people. In many years since that time that I've been sharing this message.

So think about it:
If You Are to Focus One Hour of Study on One Field of Endeavor for Five Consecutive Years, You'd Not Only Transform You, You'd Transform the World around You.
You and I were born with the gift to make this a better place and we collectively would transform the world as we know it today.
Even if we didn't improve, we can make the world better right now.
As We:
-Can encourage people,
-Can Compliment people,
-Can solve problems,
-Can pick up trash,
-Can fix things,
-Can bring new ideas. 
And as you grow, you become a bigger source for the rest of life to express itself through you. 

Remember: You Were Put Here For A Reason.
So Figure out:
-I am valuable, accept that.
-I want to know who I am, and I want to know how I operate and how can I understand me better.
-And then I want to nurture that nature.
-I want to apply myself in the world and put myself to work in such ways that the rest of the world says:
"Well, that's cool. If he or she can do it, I could probably do it. I wonder how they did it."
And then we start spreading that, and the ripple goes worldwide.
Jim Cathcart’s Books on Self and Human Management:
1)   Know Yourself, Grow Yourself
2)   Relationship Selling
3)   Be Your Own Sales Manager: Strategies And Tactics For Managing Your Accounts, Your Territory, And Yourself

Special Thanks To Ted for such a beautiful talk by Jim Cathcart.
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