10 Reasons Why People Don't Get Rich

1.     You Don't Like Rich People:

If you don't like rich people you're not going to become rich, it’s very simple.

2.      You Think Rich People Are Special:
You think people who are very wealthy became very wealthy because they are just so much more special than you are. It's one of the biggest misconceptions in the world. 
They became rich because at some point they said, I think I can do something with my life I'm sick of it. I need to figure out certain talents of mine, I don't like my life sucks, I want change this and they changed it,
It’s Very Simple You Can Do That As Well.

3.     You Don't Spend Quality Time:

Let me explain to you why:
Step 1: I want you to go on your YouTube channel,
Step 2: Click on history and watch the last 20 videos you have watched on YouTube. 
Step 3: Categorize the videos on which ones of them are educational and which ones are entertainment.
If 50 percent or more of the videos are entertainment you're not really fully committed to wanting to become wealthy, you're more committed to become entertained.
Check this for your Google Search, Facebook, Instagram and other websites you are engaged with.

4.     People Easily Make You Feel Guilty:

They make you guilty about all the decisions that you make,
-Everything you do, 
-Your boss says something you feel guilty, 
-Your teacher says something you feel guilty, 
Everything to you is about making you feel guilty and you are crippled by everybody making if you're guilty.

5.     You Worry Too Much About What People Think About You:

You think way too much about what people think about you.

6.     You Don’t Think About What The Right People Think About You:

What are the right people, the right people are the people: 
-That are helping you get to the next level, 
-The right people are the customers that are buying from you, 
-The right people are the people that are trying to give you an education about business or entrepreneurship etc.
You worry too little about these guys and you worry way too much about the people that have no desire to help you get to the next level.

7.     You Listen To Every Single Thing , Anybody Tells You To Do:

If my kid wants to be a professional baseball player, and if he takes advice from me on baseball on how to swing the ball, 
What do you think, Can I guide him?
I didn't make it to the major leagues, he needs to listen to his coach as he is the professional in baseball sports. 
Everybody has doesn’t have the perfect parents but most people are pretty good parents and if they are self-made millionaires or built something successful from scratch then they must children to become millionaires, 
Parents raised us, our discipline comes from parents, we love our parents, but if parents are not entrepreneurs or successful personals then children must go and learn from someone who know how to do it repeatedly.

8.     You Are To Loyal To Every Single Family Tradition:
I'm not talking traditions like prayer, getting together, having dinner, I'm not talking those kinds of traditions. 
I'm talking about the traditions that have not worked for your family, 
The traditions of money when they say:
-Life is not all about money.
-Hey babe I hope you realize you're working a little too hard.
You don't have to fully commit to those traditions unfortunately most people do.
9.     You're An Expert At Making Excuses:
Literally everything that happens in your life you got a great excuse for everything.
-I couldn't show up, 
-It was raining, 
-I was sick, 
-I had a flu, 
-My dog was sick, 
-My mom wasn't in a good mood, 
-Such-and-such happened, I was cramping, 
-I had a hard workout.
-Why you don't understand my favorite team is playing.
Are all Excuses and you best at making such excuses but remember:
Money Is Just Not Attracted To Excuses.

10. Your Attitude Sucks:
If your attitude sucks no one is turned on by an attitude like that.
If your attitude is always complaining about everything that's happened in your life people, they just don't want to be around.
Money's Turned On By Incredible Attitude.

Now you got these ten signs that you'll never be rich,
You know what the good news is you can change these one by one.
You can change and then all of the sudden things starts happening for you, 
It Will Start Happening For You But You Got To Change Now.

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