Reading and it's unbelievable benefits

A study was conducted by Yale University's school of public health on three thousand six hundred and thirty five (3635) people with age of 50 or more.

The findings showed that the more people read, the more likely they were to live longer, and just 3.5 hours a week was enough to make a difference.

The readers had a "23-month survival advantage" on average than those who didn't.
Studies have shown that reading books has a huge impact on people always.

Even now if you take a close look on life of successful people then you will come to know that they still are continuous readers.
Mark Twain once said:
Those who do not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.
In America 33% of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives. And 42% of college graduates never read another book after college.
Reading any book will increase your information
But Reading on a specific topic will make you more strong on that topic.
We must prioritize our reading list and should definitely focus on books which provide us necessary knowledge on mandatory practices (Religious and business).

Reading a complete book has huge benefits and there is no alternative to it.
But for those who say We Don't Have Time then they can pick up a book daily and just scan it's table of contents,
While scanning a Few headings in table of contents will catch the eye and now they can read complete details of those headings.

Pick up any time you want but reading in early morning (4 to 7 Am) can benefit more.
Don't read while walking as it can impact your eyesight in addition to your head or foot gets a surprise kiss with something.
Remember: Reading books is one of the most important ways to gain knowledge and knowledge is the most important thing which helps you to be successful in your life.

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