How to Lose Weight - The Laziest and Easiest Way

Let’s talk about an illusion:

When Something Is Surrounded By Large Objects It Looks Relatively Small.

For Example: 
-A Country on World Map.
-A Ship in the See.
-A Tree in the Jungle.

If you take away the surrounding objects and you can see that the actual objects are actually very big in size but because these are surrounded by large objects so they look relatively small.

And If Something is surrounded by Small Objects Then It Looks Relatively Large.

For Example:
-A Chair among Few Stools.
-A Horse among few Monkeys.
-A Cricket Bat among Few Wickets.

“Sometime This Illusion Can Affect Your Waistline”

As If you place a portion of food onto a small plate as it looks relatively large and so you often end up putting less on the plate.

In-fact a psychologist Brian wanzek has discovered that:

“Just Moving From A 12 Inch To A 10 Inch Plate Causes People To Eat Around 20% Less”.

So If You Want To Lose Weight The Easy Way Then 
             Simply "Switch To Smaller Plates".

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