How To Quit Any Addiction

The common trend among people who try to overcome their addictions is that they somehow get motivated, maybe they watched a video, read a forum post or maybe they overheard someone else quitting and getting tons of benefits.

Whatever it is, they feel like this time is going to be special, this time I'm going to stay clean for good, they have all of their motivation but they have no strategy, no plan of what to do other than to stay away from their substance of choice.

They are essentially just throwing it against the wall in hoping that it sticks and more often than not the majority of people fail.

In fact a study found that:
Only one in 10 Americans ever overcome an addiction.

So it’s safe to say that this plan isn’t that effective.
What I have found is by simply sticking to a strategy, your chances of success skyrocket, that's why groups like alcoholics anonymous are so effective.

They follow a strict set of rules and they have a battle plan.

You need have the same mind say when it comes to confronting your own addiction whether it be pornography, alcohol, smoking, video games, Social media, whatever it is you need to have a strategy

What Is That Strategy?

Instead of focusing all of your energy or not doing a bad habit focus on your energy instead on building good ones.

By doing so you slowly transform your life into a lifestyle where substance of choice doesn't even seem that appealing.

Start building these good habits and slowly over time as you start drilling good habits into your life you will find that things that pornography and drugs will be less appealing.

Why Is This Strategy So Effective:

It really comes down to how habits work, just understand that habits cannot fully be erased.

For Example:
Think about riding a bike, you can stay away from a bike for ages but if you learned how to do it at one point in your life you can easily pick up a bike and within almost 30 minutes you will be riding almost as well as you used to.

Our brains store our habits until we Die and because of this you cannot erase a Habit for good, you can’t just tell yourself that you can I stay away from pornography forever and hope that happens because it's impossible to forget habits for good, it is physically impossible, not going to happen.

But researchers found is that you can alter these habits and what do I mean by this?

Let’s say you are someone who turns to social media or smoking whenever you feel bored, you can alter this habit and replace the action you take when you feel bored so instead of going on Snapchat, Facebook, it is possible to train yourself to read a book or go to the gym instead.

This applies to those of you of who are pornography addiction as well if you can alter your habit of watching pornography by finding something that is also pleasurable to take its place.
You can change the way your mind works instead of reaching out to porn whenever you feel a certain way, you can find yourself reaching out the other things or people or experiences.

If you can somehow get yourself to start reaching out to habits that are beneficial for you, The Habits that make you healthier, wealthier and happier then we have solved the real problem.

You’ll start living a life that is actually worth a living
And you wouldn’t even pornography in your life anymore.

Stay Happy,
Say Goodbye To Addictions By Developing Good Habits.
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