How to Shape Life according To Islam and Quran

It's really awesome when you know
What are the 'To Do Things' while managing an important project.

Yes! A "To do List" is really helpful as it reduces the efforts that you have to put-in to remember what needs to be done next.

There is also another list which exists in self-management field and it's called A 'Checklist'.
Actually a checklist is Almost as same as the 'To Do List' but it comes in to play after the production stage i-e just before the stage when you are ready to launch the product.

For example:
There is a pre-flight checklist; a checklist for the Pilot to double-check if everything is in place for the flight to take off.
The 'Checklist' usually is comprised of Questions about the activities you were supposed to do, so that you can answer in a yes or a no.
For example for a daily routine of a Muslim, the questions can be like:
Did you offer five times prayer today?
Did you avoid borrowing things from others?
Did you repent before sleeping yesterday?
Did you answered if someone offered a Salam on you?
Did you avoid from telling a lie today?
Did you read Bismillah each time before starting a permissible activity?
Did you avoid from breaking the promise you made with someone?

A long time ago I came across an application which is actually a checklist of such questions to review how did I spent my day.
By the grace of almighty Allah I am a Muslim and this checklist happens to be THE BEST FIT for me to spend my day according to Islam.
It includes 50 general yet very important and TARGETED questions based on mendotary and important practices a Muslim should do in daily routine and to increase your interest I must tell you that I can ask these 50 questions myself in merely 12 minutes' time.
And after going through this checklist, in a few minutes I am in a position to know what did I missed today.
And then I can try not to Miss it on next day.
The questions I have mentioned Above in the example are just a few from that application I am talking about.
You can understand how Basic and important these things are in a Muslim's life.
This 'Muslim's Daily Routine Checklist' application is available for Android and iOS users in English and Urdu language.
The Name of the application is Madani Inamat.
I am really impressed by the thinking behind developing this kind of stuff by the application's makers.
A huge effort must have been put to come up with something like this, which guides us to spend our day according to Islamic guidance.
It's a huge gift for the Muslims.
Beside daily routine activities Checklist, It also has lot of other features like:

Weekly activities Checklist,
Monthly activities Checklist ,
And lots more which can be checked in the application itself.

I will recommend you to download this application from app stores and give it a try for a few days, I believe your life will be shaped beautifully and you will find yourself in practicing Islamic practices more then ever.
To make things easier for you I will drop this application's link here.
Check it out on Android.
Give it a try on iOS.
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