Understanding Contact Building; An Amazing Career Success Strategy

I know MOHSIN,
a dentist who is very good in dental treatments and operations.
I know MOON,
a person who runs in electric shop, he has LED lights bulbs and provides quality lights and bulbs at affair cost
runs a mobile accessories shop he has charger, power banks etc. I'm very satisfied by him as he gave me things that were more beneficial for me when I bought a hand free and mobile charger from him.
I know Wasim
who is the Haddi jor specialist
He is totally awesome in his field.
The list of people from different fields I know goes on and on and on. But this article is not about me it's ABOUT YOU

On many occasions after a series of hurdles you come across a very good solution and you find somebody who is very much talented in a particular field
May be he is a good doctor
May be he is an amazing car or bike mechanic
May be he is something else
The point I would like to emphasize today is that whoever you meet and you spent some sometime with him and he has got a special ability to solve a particular problem
You Must do two things here:
1) Give him your good introduction i-e like who are you and what you do and just try to set up a thing that he should remember you
2) Most importantly share contacts with him like get his cell phone number and give your cell phone number
What happens in future if you are in need of this solution again you might contact him but most importantly as everyone of us has a beautiful gathering of our friends and there is someone in need of that thing in future and he comes across you and you recommend him that I met that person he is good one he can help you to overcome this problem
In this case your friend will directly go to a good person (which already has been tested by you) and will not be involved in the same struggle as you went through already.
And if you're a business minded person you can find your ways to monetize your contacts as well.

Keep meeting new people,
Keep building relations,
Be practical,
Share, if you liked it.

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