The Best Process To Kill Pending Things and Generate New Ideas : Creativity Techniques

Once upon a time I was watching a Ted Talk in which the speaker suggested that we should keep a pen and a Notebook with us and try to write 10 different ideas on it every day.
By doing that you will be having 10 different ideas on anything per day and 300 different ideas in a month and this will benefit you a lot in your life.
The idea was powerful and I was impressed and I thought I must try it.
Using a pen and Notepad was not possible for me and if I had chosen that it would have its own benefits.
But I had the best alternative as I am very much fan of Google sheets And I use it lot more, even more than facebook.....And whenever I have the chance or the spare time I turn towards Google sheets.

So I made an online sheet named it 'IdeaBank' and started generating ideas on different things, not only ideas I started noticing things that I was not noticing before.

That sheet included everything
like if it was any general idea,
Any business idea,
Any problem that I noticed
Or anything like which came in my mind or heart,
I decided to note it down in the Sheet.

Till now it was all theory but being practical and an action oriented person I moved one step ahead and started reviewing that if I have done anything to resolve this issue or taken any steps to implement this idea that I noted few days back.
And I saw that there was a huge benefit of this sheet like the problems or things I noticed or the deficiencies I noticed were being solved by me knowingly or unknowingly day by day.

Lot of ideas I saw in the sheet
I planned to implement them,
Then I implemented them,
I tested a lot of them,
Some worked beautifully and some didn't,
Whether it was successful or not but the action was taken on them.

Now I can tell you what I have concluded from it
1) Whenever I noticed something I didn't let it go on Maximum occasions.
2) I didn't let my ideas die without action because I have heard that 90% of Ideas come into the mind of many people but they don't take action on it and the ideas die.
3) We have lot of problems or lot of things to tackle and these are not noted anywhere but this sheet helped me to note lot of them and to solve them later on.
I think this sheet helped me a lot and if you will start something like this it is going to help you as well

1) Create a Google Sheet
2) Start noting things on it
(like start generating ideas, start noting deficiencies, start noting your tasks, start noting things that you have to do in your house or it can be anything)
3) If the action is taken right away on the spot it is going to be awesome but if it is not then you are going to definitely solve it letter (if you noted it in the sheet)
4) this sheet is only going to be helpful when you will be opening it again and again like to write something, to note something and to recall or review that what you have written in past days.
5) Try to write one or two things in a day but when you are writing, read all that has been written behind.

It Is Working For Me I Hope It Works For You

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Be practical,
START Improving,
Make sure every day brings improvement in your life
The Best Process To Kill Pending Things and Generate New Ideas : Creativity Techniques The Best Process To Kill Pending Things and Generate New Ideas : Creativity Techniques Reviewed by Bhoral Bajni on September 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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