The Art of collaboration ; The Concept Of Sharing The Load and Fruits

Imagine This Is A Tree Of Apples
On Bottom Row
There Are 8 Apples
Then 10
Then 20
Then 30
Then 50
So On...

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Now We Have 3 Persons Under The Three To Grab The Apples And Go Home...

Three situations can Occur Here:
1) All Three Might Decide To Pluck the Apple Whatever Comes In One's Hand
2) They Might Decide To Start A Fight With One Another And Winner Gets To Pluck The Apples
3) They Decide To Collaborate
In Situation 1:
Each One Of Them Will Be Able Pluck A Few Apples To Take With Him To Home... May Be Only A Few From The Bottom Row Because Might Not Be Able To Reach The Second Row.
In Situation 2:
They Will Beat The Hell Out Of Them And Nobody Will Be Able To Achieve anything Substantial
In Situation 3:
Two Person Decided To Bend Down And Take One On The Shoulder And He Plucks All The Apples From All Rows
And Then they Divide the apples In Three Parts
And In This Case All Of Them Will Get A Huge Collection Of Apple With Him To Take To HOME
That's The Benefit Of Collaboration

The Art Of Collaboration;
I Will Not Say That I Want To Introduce The Concept Of Collaboration To You But Rather I Would Like To Say That I Would Like To Re-invoke The Concept Of Collaboration in front of you.
We are so jealous or afraid of each other that we don't share things, expertise, ideas, resources, audiences with each other but I have seen this a lot in digital world.
They are running their own businesses/shops/channels but
They Collaborate and Share and Believe in Concept Of Sharing
because collaboration can give huge benefits.
Try To Find People with You Can Collaborate And Pluck Maximum Apples

Start Sharing
Start Helping Others Grow
Start Making Lives.

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