Kindness; A Solution to Countless Problems

Many of us know about imam Muhammad Ghazali (R.A), a very famous Islamic saint and the writer of many famous books like "Muqashifatul Quloob, ihya ul uloom and many more".
After his death, Someone saw him in a dream and asked: What happened to you after death? (Were you forgiven or not ?).
Imam ghazali replied:
Allah has forgiven me.
Dreamer asked:
Which deed became the reason of your forgiveness?
Imam ghazali replied:
Once I was writing, a fly came and started drinking ink from the nib of my pen,
I stopped writing and let it drink until it quenched it's thirst and flew away.
Allah has forgiven me by accepting this good deed of kindness.
So one should not ignore a good deed by thinking it's a little one and should never commit a sin by thinking it's a small one.

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Today I would love to share a story with you.
(Story Credit to : Qamar Ibrahim)
Once upon a time I was going to market and luckily I had my nephew Bilal with me.
We are very busy people, busy in money race,
So unfortunately we mostly don't notice such things anymore, But Thanks to Bilal as he noticed it.
He noticed a group of pigeons on a footpath.
He stopped me and said I want to see them.
We crossed the road went to them ,Some of the pigeons were busy in eating seeds ,Some of them were drinking water from a small pool and some of them were flying here and there.
They all looked very happy.
As we were watching them, an old person came there, he had a bag in his hand, and he put his hand into it, picked up some seeds and started throwing towards the pigeons.
As Bilal saw this, he said I want to serve seeds to the pigeons.
The seed seller was just aside, we went there; the seed seller had Seeds, Corns etc
So we bought some seeds from him.

After directing Bilal to serve seeds to pigeons I started talking with the seed seller.
His name is iftikhar Ahmed.
I asked him:
Who created all this setup for hungry and thirsty pigeons?
He Replied: me
I was surprised and I asked: how?
He replied:
Once I was going from this footpath I found a pigeon dying with hunger and thirst.
I picked it up, gave it some treatment and let it go.
Next day I notice it wasn't only one; they were many, so I decided to do something for them.
Then I cleaned this footpath, created a water pool, bought some seeds and served them.
I Asked:
How come you are doing this when there are thousands of business opportunities for you in the market?
He Replied:
When Many of them started coming to this place, I decided to arrange permanent food for them, I left whatever I was doing before and opened a seed stall here and now I happy that I saved a few lives of pigeons and I am earning a handful money for my family too.
I was getting late so I took Bilal and started moving towards my destination but this person had left a lot of impact in my mind.

I was impressed, amazed and stunned all at once.
As I saw humanity, kindness and care all at once.

I was thanking almighty Allah for blessing me with Islam which teaches us to be kind and caring to everyone (even to animals and birds).
This person in story (Mr iftikhar Ahmed) is making a difference in his own way and by grace of almighty Allah, Pakistan is filled with thousands of such priceless diamonds.
There are Millions of Kind People who are playing their part to make this world a better place but The Question Is
What are you & me doing to make this world a better place?

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