How To avoid Petrol Pumps' Rounded Price Fraud?

At petrol Pump when you go to purchase petrol for your bike or car you will see two types of numbers on a filling station
1) Presets ( P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 )
2) Manual 1234567890
My friend bilal has a friend, who has been working at a petrol pump,
Bilal's friend recommended Bilal to
ALWAYS BUY PETROL with NO rounded figure and ALWAYS Buy petrol of 90 or 110 or 190 or 210 so on
As At filling station,
The button P1 is always for 100
The button P2 is always for 200
The button P3 is always for 300
And so on
Normally petrol per liter price goes up and down sometime it is 65 sometime it is 70 sometime it is 80
And many times the petrol pump management doesn't tend to change calculations behind the preset buttons like P1 P2 P3 and so on
So if it is a case then you will be facing loss of petrol.

So instead of going with 100's rounded figure of 100 200 300 400 500 go with something less or more than the rounded figure like 110 190 210 310 450
And when you will be doing that operator over there will be forced to use the manual buttons to enter the price for example 110 and you will be getting almost what you are paying for.
I'm not saying that this happens in each and every petrol pump instead it was live experience of an employee who worked in a petrol pump and he told that these kind of things are happening on many petrol pumps,
So I decided to write on this topic and provide a practical solution.

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