The Most Important Thing For A Successful Career

How come you can handover a five or a fifty man group of employees to a person who can't even take care of his five feet body?

That was the question asked by a very well educated public speaker and very satisfied business man, Sir Ather Ali, when He was giving a Motivational speech on personal improvement to a fairly educated audience.

Almost everyone was stunned after this question struck the ears.
He further asked:
When you are selecting somebody as a leader /manager/supervisor
Do you take a look on his sensitivity sense in addition to his professional skills?

Does he remain clean ?
Does he cut his nails regularly?
Does he dress clean?
Does he trim the hairs which can be seen by people?
Does his smell good or he stings?

He added: I don't want to ask what will be condition of his room, kitchen or bathroom, as these aren't seen by other people I don't know how sensitive he will be on these important things.
Plus there were many more points raised by him which needed to be taken care by us as an employee or a businessperson,

Definitely complete speech can't be quoted here but point has been proven so I will jump on to the climax.
He finalized the lecture by asking:
What happens when a guest is coming to our home?
We clean and adjust everything and make sure our house looks awesome :)
Right? We nodded, Yes!
He said,
keep your house clean and adjust always like this as if guests are coming any time.

Then He asked, what if you are going to attend a marriage?
You get fresh, dress awesome, and apply fragrance, Right?
We replied, yes!

He said:
Always be like this as if you are going to attend a marriage any time:D

Looking clean and eye friendly, being not stingy is very important for us always.
As it is said "people don't see what you ate but they definitely see what you wore".
I think there is a need to take a deep look on:
Our dressing
Our appearance
our office table
Our office room
Our home
our room
our kitchen and everything which is directly connected to Us.
(This is not personal statement for you but as this is a personal management article and to hit the bull's eye I will say KINDLY replace word OUR with word YOUR and read this paragraph once again)

Be Clean;
Be and look fresh,
Dress Clean,
Apply Fragrance,
Apply Toothbrush (Miswak is the best).

How was this article for you, what you have learnt from it?
Your Feedback is very important to me.
If you found it helpful then share it with others too.

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