Solving An Unborn Problem; Future Planning

Once upon a time there were three brothers, named as Mr.Bhoral, Mr.Bagga and Mr.Laal.

They got together in Mr.Laal's House to have a meeting to start a new business together.

Meeting Started, Ideas and Options started coming from each of them.

One of them 'Mr. Bagga' Said:
We should start a school
But after some discussion they decided not to open school because they will not be able to handle it.

Second of them 'Mr Bhoral' Said:
We should open a Juice shop
But after some discussion they decided not to open the Juice shop because they didn't had the experience to run it.
Third of them 'Mr.Laal' Said:
We should open a poultry farm,
They discussed on this idea and came to a decision that they will be opening the poultry farm.

The idea was good and they were very much interested in it so they decided to plan things right away.

Meeting was in progress in Mr Laal's house and his wife was sitting in other room and was actively listening the stuff being discussed in meeting.

They divided Listed the tasks which were needed to be completed to open and run a successful poultry farm and then assigned those tasks to each other as,

Mr Bhoral will do this, this and this,
Mr Bagga will do that and that,
And Mr Laal will do this and this.

All the tasks and activities related to poultry form were divided and assigned to the particular persons.
And finally there was one thing left which was unassigned,

That was: Who will clean the poultry farm as it will get dirty again and again?

Mr Laal Said,
"No issue, the cleaning of the poultry farm will be done by my wife"

His Wife shouted from the other room:
There is an issue here.

All of turned them towards her and asked:
What's the issue, What Happened?

She replied with anger: I will not clean the poultry farm.

Mr Laal stood up came to his wife, started convincing her and said:
Listen, this is our business and if cleaning is not done properly, it will not be good for the chickens in the poultry farm, You must clean the poultry farm.

She Said: NO I am NOT cleaning it.

Mr Laal shouted: You have to clean it otherwise I will Slap you.

She shouted in reply: No I'm NOT cleaning it.

Mr Laal picked up A Wooden Belan from the kitchen and started hitting his wife.

Mr. Bhoral (Laal's brother in second room) ran to him, holding his hands and asked:

Hey Mr. Laal,
What are you doing, why are you beating her?

Mr.Bhoral asked: Which poultry farm?
Mr.Laal Replied: The poultry farm which we have just decided to open.

Mr bhoral Said:
Dear brother, where is that poultry farm?
It’s not opened yet and you are beating the hell out of your wife, Let the poultry farm come into existence first, and then we can arrange someone to clean it.

Mr Laal realized his mistake that the poultry farm was not existed yet and he was solving a problem which was not occurred yet; He felt ashamed and excused his wife.

This is only a supposed story of Mr.Laal but it’s one of the uncured diseases of our society.

I think it’s found everywhere; I get to see people making such mistakes every now and again.
You can start noticing this in your surroundings too and you will come to know that people are very much stuck into it.

People are wasting hours on such things; they tend to focus on solving something that is even not born yet.

Here I am not rejecting the importance of forward thinking and future planning but instead I am talking about the fact that people are aggressively trying to solve the problems which are not into existence yet and may be never will be in existence too.

We need to review it and decide that “on what things we should focus on what particular time”.

The priority and urgency of things is very important but we need to double check what is really urgent and needs our time, efforts and attention.

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