Project Management is just like making a cup of tea: Project Management Simplified

Can you make a tea?
If yes then you can be a good project manager and you can complete any project you want.

Don't be surprised
I'm not joking and I am definitely not kidding

Let me show you how this can happen,
Let's break down the process of making a tea.

A) Current Stage:
I don't have tea

B) Target:
I need a cup of tea in half an hour.

C) Required:
1) Sugar
2) Gas connected stove
3) Milk
4) A cup
5) A Spoon
6) A Tea sachet
7) A Matchbox
8) A tea kettle
9) Water if required

D) Process:
Step 1:
Turn the gas on

Step 2:
Pick up match box and apply fire on the stove.

Step 3:
Have required water plus milk in the cattle and put it up on the stove

Step 4:
Put some sugar in it

Step 5:
Let the water boil

Step 6:
Put tea on it

Step 7:
Let it boil couple of times more, keep it shaking with the spoon

Step 8:
Check if the sweetness or tea strength is ok
If not then adjust it.

Step 9:
Switch off the stove
And put everything back to it's place.

Now tea is ready.

Now let's see how this connects with Project Management
Here is Project Management Life-cycle... from PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge Book by Project Management Institute)

Phase 1) Initiation
Phase 2) Planning
Phase 3) Execution
Phase 4) Monitoring and Controlling
Phase 5) Closing

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Now let's review project of making a tea....but you have to go back and review this project once again..... Because I will use references as details are already given above

In above mentioned project of making a tea
Point A ‘Current Stage’ and Point B ‘Target‘ are Initiation, which is Phase 1 of Project management Where you initiate the project.

Point C ‘Required‘ is planning which is Phase 2 of Project you plan everything about the project and divide the project into modules.

Point D ‘Process ‘ is Execution which is Phase 3 of Project you execute the processes and you get deliverables against each module.

Step 7 and 8 in Point D are Monitoring and controlling which is Phase 4 of Project you monitor and control the project and make sure that requirements and deadlines are met and everything is under control.

Step 9 in Point D is Closing, Which is Phase 5 of Project management, here you close the project and fold everything.

Understand it and apply it on any project, if applied in the right way you will be successful.
How was this article for you, what you have learnt from it?
If you found it helpful then share it with others too.

Project Management is just like making a cup of tea: Project Management Simplified Project Management is just like making a cup of tea: Project Management Simplified Reviewed by Bhoral Bajni on August 07, 2017 Rating: 5


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