How To Learn Anything In 20 Hours?

We often try to learn a new skill But aren't able to learn it.
The main reason for the failure of this is that we are not really interested in learning that skill,

Instead we saw someone who was successful by acquiring that skill and we decided to develop that skill.

Taking that as a decision is not bad as itself as long as we feel that we must do it and will not get bored of it as if that person is doing it maybe he is enjoying it but if we are trying to acquire that skill and we aren't enjoying it we will get bored and as a result we will leave it ultimately.

Saying I don't have time that's why I haven't achieved this already says:

That I was not really interested in it so I got bored if it and as a result I failed :) :)
If you feel that you want to learn a skill then you can learn anything:
Learning a Language,
Project management,
Video Editing,
Audio editing,
Or anything else.

The First LASER TARGETED 20 hours are good enough to learn the basics of that skill.

Once upon a time I was watching a Ted talk in which the speaker mentioned
20 hours are enough time to acquire a skill.

Here is the process to follow to acquire any skill,

1) De-construct the skill
Decide what exactly you will be able to do when you achieve this skill,
So breakdown that skill into smaller parts.
Decide, what are the parts that I must learn which will help me to achieve what I want from this particular skill.
Then practice those parts first.

2) Learn enough to self correct.
You can learn from books videos audios of courses but just learn enough to self correct because when you have an error while practicing you can correct yourself, not to wait to complete everything then practice instead learn enough to self correct and START PRACTICING.

3) Remove barriers to practice
So when you are practicing you have to be laser focused on that, and there should be no mobile, television, social media or any other thing to distract you at all.

4) Practice for 20 hours.
If you practice 30 minutes a day it will take 40 days and if you practice 45 minutes a day it will take 30 days to acquire that skill.

By following these steps you will be good enough to apply yourself for that skill and if you want to go more than this then you will need more and more and more and more laser focused practice and here is another statement.
If you give laser focused 10,000 hours to a subject or a skill then you will be ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD FOR THAT SKILL.
It's really nice that you have read the article till here it means that you are really interested in acquiring new skills so let's try to set up a target here and try to do something.

Decide a skill that you want to acquire and apply these 20 hours and in any case you are in trouble during the process you can contact me for the guidance.

Be practical,

Nothing is impossible,
If you decide that you can do it... nothing can stop you.
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