How Chit Chats Can Produce Amazing Solutions To Huge Problems

We all have friends,
We all have gatherings,
We get together and have chit chats.
And in our gupshups (chit chats)

We start something like this:
-In our country this is not good.
-that needs to be solved.
-this is the biggest issue of our city.
-this is the main thing in our people.
-nothing is pure in our country.

Being seated in hotel or in a room
We through the president of the country into the jail every day or two.

Well being a common I am the same as well
I love interacting with people,
I get involved in chit chats and things like these come in front of me as well
But recently I decided to move forward and thought I must do something about this,
So while gupshups a problem came in front of me in discussions
For example:
-the milk is not pure in our country.
-there's too much garbage in our city
-Many people are not educated at all.
At the end of the conversation

I asked we have pointed out a big problem that this is not happening or this should not be happening in our country.
What is the best solution to overcome this??
What we can do to resolve this?
Can we play our part to eradicate this?
Can we take practical steps on this in our capacity?

We founded the solution at times and if we decided something needs to be done we started doing it and spreading it in our capacity,
On the contrary If that thing wasn't meant to be done we decided to not to do it ever again ourselves and also decided to spread the message in our capacity.

Means If we have the solution to any problem, we can educate the solution to people near us or to the people that we have in our reach
or on social media platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, telegram etc and say,
Dear people:
This Is the problem
And Here is a solution for this problem
And by doing this we will be able to make some kind of change to eradicate that particular problem to the some extent.

So next time when you have a chit chat and in your discussion you identify a problem please ask a couple of questions at the end of the conversation that I have already mentioned above.

Don't let that identified problem to destroy many other people
You have to feel this that there was a REASON by which The problem came in front of you
And you identified it; you spent some time on discussing about it. THERE WAS A REASON.
There was a reason.

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