Four Types Of Feedback While You Are Helping Others!

I don't know if you know about Sufism or not, but today I would like to tell you a story of two sufies.
Once upon a time there were two Sufis.
One of them 'Sir Bhoral' was very senior and second one 'Sir Bagga' was under training under first one.
As Bagga's training was in progress 'Sir Bhoral the senior one' decided that
they should goto the jungle and should spend sometime there.

While moving in jungle they found a badly injured Snake which wasn't able to move was on the verge of dieing.
Sir Bhoral decided to help the snake.
But 'Bagga the junior one' said
Sir it's a dangerous animal please leave it as it is otherwise it will bite you.
Sir Bhoral Smiled and picked up the snake and took it with him on the journey.
As the journey progressed, The whether got prettier, it started raining and cool wind started blowing and this brought some relief to the snake.
After sometime snake started recovering and started moving a bit.
And As soon as it started moving it attacked Sir Bhoral.
After watching this Bagga said 'sir i warned you that this is a snake will bite you, don't help it'
Sir Bhoral remained silent, took some necessary treatment and kept moving.
After some more time the snake was able to recover itself and it could move freely now, and it once again attacked Sir Bhoral.
Finally Sir Bhoral decided to leave the snake, so he left it on a fairly wide branch of a tree.

This time Bagga 'while giving basic treatment to Sir Bhoral' Said
Sir you knew
it was a snake,
it was dangerous ,
It was deadly,
It could have gifted you death,
But you decided to help it, it's understandable but after it attacked once, But You decided to keep helping it till it got almost fully recovered.
Please help me to get out of this confusion why you did that?
Sir Bhoral replied with some pearls of wisdom,

He Said,
Dear Son, there always will be situations when people will need your help and you will help them,
After helping them you will come across different type of feedbacks.
1) There will be no feedback.
2) There will be positive feedback.
3) There will be negative feedback.
4) They will bite you as a feedback.
All these types are THE WAYS OF THANKING YOU BACK for the services you are doing.
So don't stop helping people just because their way of THANKING you is different.

You will help them as a human being but sometime after recovering if they respond like a deadly dangerous snake it's their nature and their problem not yours,

You must keep on helping them as it is a mere blessing of almighty Allah who has chosen you to help others.
On the other hand if you are helped by someone then don't reply like the snake replied as a feedback to me.
Bagga was the impressed by today's lesson and committed that he will follow all important teachings of his mentor and guide.
I will request you to try to follow the message given by Sir Bhoral in exemplary incident above, and guide the people even if they respond you as a snake in feedback and most importantly if you are helped by someone don't ever respond like the snake responded to sir Bhoral.
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