Are You A Hero Or A Zero in A Rainy Day?

When it rains there are lot of positives but there is also one major mistake that is committed by a few of us and today I would like you to focus on that.

So often there is someone who gets out of the home whether he is walking or he is on bicycle or a bike, Is very curious and worried about his clothes that his clothes should not get dirty by the mud on the road.

So being worried to save his clothes, he decides to proceed slowly towards the office or his destination.  He is very hesitant to speed up; he is very hesitant to come towards the mid side of the road rather he chooses to be on the left most side.

And on the other hand, there is another Rider (A self made hero)  gets out of the home and he is not worried about anything Or maybe he got out of the home to enjoy his bike go through the water on the road.

Once this Hero cum Zero passes the first person who was very curious about his dress getting dirty by mud splashes, destroys first person's all efforts which he made all the way.... And as a result his dress is damaged... His face gets dirtier and he has to spend his all day in office with big black spots on his dress.

So please if you are person with bike, car , taxi or any other vehicle.
Please make sure you don't destroy anyone's dress in these rain days.
Be caring,
Are You A Hero Or A Zero in A Rainy Day? Are You A Hero Or A Zero in A Rainy Day? Reviewed by Bhoral Bajni on July 28, 2017 Rating: 5

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